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April 2018

April Half Price Special – Iced Donuts

Half price for orders placed this Week April 3rd – April 6th

What’s all the rage and “on-trend’ right now. That’s right – donuts!

And to celebrate their resurgence for this week only we are offering these funky sweet items for half price regardless of when you want to enjoy them. Fantastic value at only $1.25 each for this week only (minimum of 8 serves).

As always, look out for your FREE sample with your first catering order delivered this week. Enjoy!

Your Fruit Platter is absolutely
safe to eat……….

Over the past few weeks many of you will have become aware of the Listeria outbreak linked to rockmelons grown in the Nericon region in New South Wales. Listeria is found widely in soil, water and vegetation, and can be carried by pets and wild animals.

A vegetable or fruit food product can become contaminated anywhere along the chain of food production: planting, harvesting, packing, distribution, preparation and serving.

Even on a farm, sources of contamination can include irrigated waters, wash waters and soil. Listeria can survive for up to 84 days in some soils.

Heavy rains on a crop can splash listeria from soils onto the surface or skin of the vegetable, especially those that grow low to the ground, such as rockmelons.

On Friday 2nd of March I sent an email to all of our customers stressing the fact that we have thoroughly checked our supply chain and can confirm our cantaloupe are sourced from Mildura (around 600km from the area where the outbreak has been identified) and they are randomly tested and are consistently returning negative results. In addition, we are continuing to adhere to our strict food handling procedures during the preparation stages. Indeed, the health department visited us on Wednesday the 21st and have given us a clean bill of health.

So please, enjoy your fruit platters in the knowledge that all that can be done, has been done to ensure they are safe to eat.

Either four or eight Fruit Skewers – just for you – Your April Loyalty Reward

This month’s FREEBIE is four Fruit Skewers – just for placing an order over $200 during April.

This year you can DOUBLE YOUR FREEBIES simply by enter your ONLINE loyalty program code “APR18OFFER” when you check out of your shopping basket (only available for orders placed ONLINE).

All that’s left to do is enjoy!

What’s on in Melbourne in April?

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Wed 28th Mar – Sun 22nd Apr

Established in 1987, the festival has grown to include over 600 shows in 2018 with an enormous program of stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre, street performance, film, television, radio and visual arts.

Melbourne Home Show
Thu 5th Apr – Sun 8th Apr

Proudly supported by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) the Home Show is the best place to get FREE expert advice from more than 280 leading Melbourne suppliers, so bring your plans and photos.

Queen Victoria Market – 140th birthday
Sun 29th April

To celebrate Queen Victoria Market’s monumental 140th Birthday, we’re throwing the Street Party of all street parties! Join in the fun and festivities as we celebrate the rich history and exciting future of Melbourne’s favourite Marketplace.


Easter – what was it all about?

I’ve always wondered why Easter bunny, eggs and chocolate go together over Easter so this year I did a little research and I reckon it’s because:

  1. Traditionally church leaders would prohibit their congregations from eating eggs during the week leading up to Easter.
  2. When Easter Sunday came around, people used to celebrate by tucking into the eggs they had been forbidden to eat in the lead up to Easter.
  3. Over the years, commercialism introduced the chocolate egg as a luxury which fitted nicely with the symbolism of eating the eggs you had been missing out on for the week before Easter.
  4. The egg fits nicely with the concept of re-birth which after all is what Easter is all about

So why the bunny? They don’t even lay eggs!

The only way I can explain that one away is to do with the fact that bunnies have large litters of babies (collective noun for baby rabbits is “kittens”) which is again symbolic of the whole concept of re-birth.

So there you have it – Easter 101…………(unless of course you’re in Switzerland or Germany where the bunny is replaced by a cuckoo or a fox respectively).

Regardless, I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Food Quote

“We all eat & it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.”

Anna Thomas

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Cooking Tip

Marinating meat with citrus can give it a mealy texture. If you like citrus, a little squeeze of lemon or lime is always a good way to finish the dish instead.

Your Say

Hi Laura,

Everything went really well! I also wanted to pass on some feedback regarding Caroline, our waitress for the evening.

She was absolutely exceptional – Caroline thought of everything, was highly attentive, efficient and proactive. She provided the perfect level of service throughout the night. She knew exactly what to do and where to be, and had a beautiful big smile on her face the whole time. Everything was left absolutely spotless and back in its place. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I’ll be requesting her for our next event if she’s available!

The food was delightful, as usual. There were many compliments from attendees.

Thank you again for your huge help with this last minute event! You took all the stress away from me.

Kind regards,

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